Правила за противопожарна охрана – ENG madara април 5, 2023

Fire Safety Rules​




Dear guests!

We kindly ask you:

► not to smoke in bed or to leave unextinguished cigarette stubs in the rooms;

► not to throw burning matches or unextinguished cigarette stubs in the waste-paper baskets;

► not to use your own electric heating or gas utensils;

► to iron only in the appointed places and after usage to switch off the iron;

➤ when leaving your room to switch off the radio, TV set, electric lamps, etc.;

► not to cover your reading lamps with inflammable tissues;

► not to smoke in the lifts;

In case of fire danger, please, contact the hotel’s management.

Keep your presence of mind.

Try to extinguish the fire with the fire-alarm facilities at hand.

Leave the building on the way indicated by the fire-alarm signs.

If the passage and the staircases are completely filled with smoke stay in your room and open the windows.

Closely shut and moisten the doors with soaked towels or bed spreads and covers.